Sunday, November 8, 2015

5057 update - the restoration plan

Last month we visited the 5057 at the Pend Oreille Valley Railroad (POVA) shop in Usk, WA.
Not much has happened since the 5057 arrived there late last year.  Progress has been slow because the shop at POVA has been busy with work for clients that are in a bigger rush than us. In June some of the parts we borrowed from the Western Pacific Railroad Museum in Portola, CA were removed and returned.  We are still need to return the rear pilot plate we borrowed from them and are seeking dimensions for the replacement from the 5056 at Illinois Railway Museum.  
Wayne Monger poses by the 5057 in June 2015 while picking up parts to be returned
to the Western Pacific Railroad Museum (photo courtesy of Wayne Monger) 
While we were at POVA, we talked to them about the work we want to do before we repaint the 5057. Based on our conversation, the first task we tackle will be restoring the cab.  This is probably the most extensive portion of the work.  Typical of early GE ‘U-boat’ locomotives, the cab has a lot of corrosion.  In some places, the steel will need to be completely replaced.  We will be matching the existing material as much as possible as we replace things.  New and repaired metal will be primed to protect it until we are ready to paint.  While this will be a lot of work, it is something that can be accomplished a little bit at a time, with the 5057 going in and out of the shop as their schedule permits.
You can see some of the sheet metal corrosion
on the cab that needs to be addressed before the 5057 is painted.
After the cab is finished, we will work on the hood.  Most of the hood doors need to be straightened and many of the latches need to be replaced.  We have a good supply of replacement latches that were acquired from GE by the Western Pacific Railroad Museum and came to us with the 5057.  Another thing we plan to do is replace the missing access door on the cabinet under the walkway at the rear of the locomotive.  This cabinet is where a flange lubricator system was installed after the 5057 was retired by the Milwaukee Road. The flange lubricator will be removed.  We also plan to make some modifications to deter vandals and thieves from damaging the locomotive while it is on display.
This is the flange lubricator that will be removed.  The missing door will be replaced.

One door with a latch, another without a latch.
Overall, we expect the preparation work before painting to cost about $15,000.  The painting itself will be about $20,000.  Right now, we have most but not all of the funds need to complete the preparation work. Please make a donation today to help us get the 5057 looking good again.


  1. What about the 10200?

  2. Bringing the 10200 to South Cle Elum is still a long term goal. We need to finish the 5057 Project, get the locomotive restored and moved to South Cle Elum, then build a climate controlled building to house the 10200 and 5057. At that point, we can work on getting the 10200.

  3. Where can you find a Milwaukee Road Sky Top Lounge passenger car?

    What about those boxcars?: