Saturday, December 20, 2014

An end of a journey and the beginning of a new phase

The 5057 is now at the Pend Oreille Valley Railroad shop in Usk, WA!

Many contributed to get the locomotive there from Portola,CA and we are very thankful for their participation.
  • The volunteers at the Western Pacific Railroad Museum showed that the spirit of the "Willing People" is very much alive today.  They made every effort to help us launch this project successfully, including loaning us parts and contributing time that could have otherwise been focused on their own projects.
  • BNSF not only donated the transportation costs for their part of the movement, but the people there were also very responsive and helpful throughout the process.
  • And of course, the many Friends of the 5057 who have contributed their time and money to get the project to this point. 

With this phase of the project complete, we are moving on to the next.  Over the coming weeks, we will be working with the staff at the Pend Oreille Valley Railroad to scope out the work that will be done to cosmetically restore the 5057.  We'll be looking for ways to break the work up into smaller sub-projects so we can make progress as funds are raised. 

We have enough funds on hand to make a good start on the work that needs to get done for the cosmetic restoration, but we will need more funds to finish this phase of the project.  Make a contribution today to propel the restoration of the 5057 forward!

Monday, December 15, 2014

5057 to Washington - 12/15/2014 update

The journey to the Pend Oreille Valley Railroad shop in Usk, WA is almost complete!  BNSF delivered  the 5057 to the Pend Oreille Valley Railroad in Sandpoint, ID last night at 9:36 p.m.  Yes it left Washington, but we expect it back very soon!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

5057 to Washington - 12/11/2014 update

The 5057 left Pasco last night and was in Spokane this morning.  It may be leaving Spokane tonight on the Sandpoint local, for delivery to the Pend Oreille Valley Railroad in Sandpoint.

UPDATE: We've heard that it is scheduled to leave Spokane on the 14th at about 4 p.m.  In that case, it should be in Sandpoint on Monday.

Richard Olson was able to take some photos of the 5057 while it was in Pasco and shared them with us.  You can see them below.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

5057 to Washington - 12/9/2014 update

The 5057 is back in Washington!   It crossed the Columbia River and arrived at Wishram, WA last night, probably very early this morning.  A new crew will take the train it is on to Pasco, WA.

Monday, December 8, 2014

5057 to Washington - 12/8/2014 update - Part 2

The 5057 is continuing northward.  It was seen in Bend, OR tonight at 6 p.m.  Tomorrow, it could make it to Pasco, WA. 

Thank you to Rob Jacox, Aaron Jacox, and Warren Root for venturing out to greet the 5057 at Bend. And thank you to Rob for letting us share the photo below with everyone.

POVA (MILW) 5057 at Bend, OR.  Rob Jacox photo, used with permission.

5057 to Washington - 12/8/2014 update

We have received a report that the 5057 arrived in Klamath Falls, OR at 4:30 a.m. this morning.  A crew has been called for 7:00 a.m. to take the train north from there, but that could change.

Here is a photo taken yesterday by Wayne Monger that shows the 5057 waiting in Oroville, CA.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

5057 to Washington - 12/7/2014 update

Well, the plans have changed once again.  The 5057 is evidently moving now!

We received a report last night that the 5057 has been put on a train at Riverbank, CA and moved to a siding at Duffy, 15 miles north of Riverbank.  At last report, a crew was on the train but it had not departed yet.  It is likely heading north now. 

The weather should be decent today, so we hope people are able to get out and take photos and/or video of the 5057 as it heads north.

UPDATE:  The 5057 sat at Oroville, CA all day because the Union Pacific was doing track work.  It is on the move again this evening.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

5057 to Washington - 12/6/2014 update

The train that was to take the 5057 from Riverbank, CA to Pasco,WA last night did not operate.  We understand that it is now due to leave tonight.

UPDATE: The 5057 is now scheduled to leave Riverbank, CA at 1 a.m. on Tuesday, December 9.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Thank you BNSF!

BNSF Railway is donating their part of the transportation cost of moving the 5057 from California to Washington!  

BNSF is our only 'hometown' railroad today, still operating trains through the Cle Elum area on their line over Stampede Pass.  Between this donation and matching funds for employee donations, BNSF is making a significant investment in the 5057 Project.  Their latest donation gives a big boost to upcoming the restoration phase of the project by allowing us to reallocate funds budgeted for moving the locomotive to the restoration work.

We are very pleased to have BNSF as a Friend of the 5057!

5057 to Washington - 12/5/2014 update

Yesterday, the 5057 was moved south to the BNSF yard in Riverbank, CA.  It will be picked up by a northbound train there.  The 5057 is finally ready to come north!  It is planned to depart today on a train bound for Pasco, WA.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

5057 to Washington - 12/3/2014 update

The 5057 has made it to the BNSF yard in Stockton, CA.  Thanks for the safe trip to Stockton, Union Pacific! 

It arrived this afternoon on a Union Pacific train with 47 cars at 13:20 local time.  Now it gets to head back north in the care of BNSF.

Thank you to Ryan Clark for letting us use his photo!

Photo of the 5057 in the BNSF Stockton, CA yard by Ryan Clark, used with permission.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

5057 to Washington - 12/2/2014 update

We received a report that the 5057 was seen in west end of the Union Pacific yard at Stockton, CA on Saturday, November 29.  The Union Pacific train that delivers cars to the BNSF in Stockton does not operate on Sunday, but may have taken the 5057 to BNSF on Monday.

Please let us know if you see the 5057 and take a photo (or video) if you can!

Source image from LPS.1 on Wikimedia Commons