Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ready to go?

We think we're finally ready to move the 5057 from Portola, CA to the Pend Oreille Valley (POVA) Railroad (POVA) shop in Usk, WA.  But the opinion that really matters is that of the Union Pacific inspector.  If the inspector says we're ready to go, we'll be on our way soon.

POVA (MILW) 5057 being set out for pick up in Portola, CA by the Union Pacific.  Bob Sims photo.

If all goes well, the 5057 will be heading west to Roseville Yard near Sacramento on the Union Pacific Canyon Local.  From Roseville, it will go to the BNSF at Stockton.  BNSF will bring it north through Bend and Pasco to Spokane, then on to the interchange with POVA.  The locomotive is listed in Umler as POVA 5057, so those of you who can track the movement of railroad equipment can follow the progress once it is underway.

The 5057 has a new set of shoes, black composite brake shoes borrowed for this trip from our friends at the Feather River Rail Society (FRRS).  The brake shoes and a number of other borrowed parts will need to be removed, returned, and replaced after the 5057 arrives at the POVA shop.  We are very grateful for the assistance that the "Willing People" at FRRS have provided to get the 5057 ready to move.  They have deferred working on their own important projects to help us.

New brake shoe on the 5057.  Wayne Monger photo.

We will let everyone know once we are on the move.  In the meantime, think positive thoughts about the 5057!